Abazovic-Turkovic: There are no Open Issues between BiH and Montenegro

There are no open issues between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, friendly relations between the two countries continue and there is significant room for improving economic cooperation, BiH Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic said after today’s meeting in Sarajevo with Montenegrin Deputy Prime Minister Dritan Abazovic.  

Minister Turkovic pointed out that she especially appreciates the fact that the Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro arrived to mark the anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica, and added that it is extremely important that other representatives from Montenegro will be in Srebrenica, and President Milo Dukanovic announced his arrival. 

“The recently adopted Resolution on Genocide, as well as their arrival, confirm that the Government, the people and citizens of Montenegro respect and accept the truth and the past, and that on that basis they turn together with us to the European future. I believe that the time will come when the remaining countries in the region will show their readiness to build a common future on the foundations of truth and justice,” Turkovic pointed out.

Today, interlocutors discussed relations between the two countries and issues of mutual interest. They expressed satisfaction that there are no open issues, and stressed that there is a chance and obligation to strengthen economic cooperation, especially during the recovery from the effects of the pandemic.

“Better traffic connection is certainly a priority between our two countries, especially when it comes to the road through Šćepan Polje. All relevant levels of government are involved in the activities and BiH has a strong interest in the best possible economic connection with Montenegro,” said Turkovic.

She added that they also discussed the issue of construction of Buk Bijela power plant, adding that this project cast a shadow on the relations between BiH, Serbia and Montenegro, especially after UNESCO became involved in the whole case.

“We are looking forward to any future constructive cooperation with BiH and I hope that the future focus of our relations and our communication will be on development and general progress that will bring good to the citizens of BiH and Montenegro,” Abazovic pointed out, Fena news agency writes.

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