Academy Marked the 8th Anniversary of Armed Forces in B&H

VOJNA SVEÈANOST POVODOM DANA ORUŽANIH SNAGA BiHThe 8th anniversary of B&H Armed Forces is marked by an academy and occasional cultural-artistic program, organized by the B&H Ministry of Defense and B&H Armed Forces last night at the House of Armed Forces.

A large number of officials from the political and diplomatic corps in B&H, members of diplomatic army corps, representatives of religious communities, representatives of NATO headquarters and EUFOR, generals, officers, solders and civilians of B&H Armed Forces attended the ceremony.

B&H Minister of Defense Zekerijah Osmić addressed the guests and expressed that 1 December for employers of the defense system represents much more than a reminder of the fact that the Day of B&H Armed Forces is legally designed, but it is the memory and pride of the successful reforms in the area of defense and creation of the united Armed Forces of B&H.

He recalled that B&H Armed Forces were available to B&H citizens very much this year by providing assistance to the civilian power structures in protection and rescue of people and material -technical resources in cases of natural and other disasters.

The prize award for high schools students on the best literary works dedicated to the Armed Forces of B&H took place at last night’s ceremony.

(Source: Fena)

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