How did Adnan Ćatić react to the Accusations? 

felix-sturmSituation is the same as it was six months ago. It seems like my case is still somewhere in a drawer in a laboratory in Cologne and I really do not understand the waiting for the B sample. This story about my possible incarceration is the dumbest thing I have heard in the past several months.

This was stated by the boxer Adnan Ćatić a.k.a. Felix Sturm, after the news appeared yesterday that an investigation has been launched against the world boxing champion in super-middleweight category by WBA version. The investigation refers to the alleged use of illegal stimulants and, allegedly, Ćatić is facing a prison sentence in the maximum duration of three years.

The German daily newspaper Sport Bild was the first to launch this story. They stated that, in case Ćatić is pronounced guilty, the Russian Boxer Fedor Chudinov will launch a procedure with a request for reimbursement of financial damage he suffered due to the defeat in the fight for the title of the world champion.

“My lawyers have been working on that for several months now. The court in Cologne has nothing to do with this. I am the champion and no one can take that away from me. My legal team, an American and a German, are constantly pressing the laboratory and prosecution in Cologne to show us that disputable A sample, but they are hushing it all up. I know that Germany is afraid that the B sample will be negative, that is why the media keep writing something negative about me from time to time,” Ćatić said.

Ćatić also explained the possible incarceration, because he is facing a prison sentence in the maximum duration of three years.

“What prison? Come one. Earlier this year, a full showcase of illegal stimulants was found with one German boxer, the stimulants he used. Do you know how many days he spent in prison? None. When media in Germany have nothing sensational to write about, they remember Sturm, because they know people love me there and that everyone will buy the newspaper just to see what they are writing about this time,” Ćatić said.

The BiH boxer with a German passport left Cologne last week and returned with his family to Blagaj, BiH to live. He also explained the allegations that Chudinov launched a procedure with a request for reimbursement of financial damage.

“To be honest, Russians also gave up on this entire story because they did not have the money to pay the attorneys. I understand the Russian journalists, too, they also have to write about something, but they also made their peace with the fact that my entire case is framed and that it is all just a big lie,” Adnan said, adding that he will return to the ring.

“I will return to the ring in April or May next year. First I need to have a surgery on my left elbow. I still have not decided about the place where I will have that surgery done, but it will probably be in Germany. Regardless of the decision that I am positive, my attorneys said I can box. I am still the world champion. Thank you all for your support,” Adnan added.

Ćatić emphasized that the headquarters of WBA is in Panama. He only received a paper which states that he is suspended because of the positive urine test, but there is no other paperwork.

“I want to know what happened with my urine test, what caused the analysis to last so long? Who analyzed my urine test? There is no response from the WBA. Chudinov’s gloves have disappeared overnight. That is another thing that concerns me. My legal team requested an analysis of those gloves, too, but they are gone. Isn’t it all strange?” Ćatić said.


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