Adnan Kabiljagic, a Dance Professor from BiH in Paris: Salsa is both Dance and Therapy

At first as a love, passion, and hobby, today, dance is the occupation of Adnan Kabiljagic, who is originally from BiH, and who is currently working as a professor of salsa and Latin dances at the well-known school Conservatoire Jean Baptiste Lully de Puteaux in Paris.

Adnan Kabiljagic from Banja Luka arrived in Paris back in 1994. He did not know anyone, nor spoke French, and everyone advised him to start with a dance course.

“Salsa was a real revelation for me, both as a dance and as a therapy. Instead of going once a week, I was coming every day, and thanks to that, I made significant progress and reached the level of my instructors. Maybe this is some of our hidden Bosnian talents,” noted Adnan.

“I founded a dance troupe with my friends and performed at various salsa festivals. I participated in several films as a dancer, and the” Chili Con Carne” was the most famous of them. Dance has been a great love and passion for me, but only a hobby. However, in recent years I have decided to devote myself exclusively to dance. I am currently working as a professor of salsa at the Conservatoire – JB Lully de Puteaux,” he said.

Through the experience of working as a professor, he learned that dance has a much stronger effect than just the steps.

Kabiljagic recalled that the salsa experienced a full expansion in the 1920’s, and the roots of salsa are in Cuba. There are several different styles in salsa, and all of them are constantly evolving.

“I tried a few of them and I developed my own style based on Cuban salsa with a bit of the “LA”style (the style that was developed in the 1970’s in Los Angeles), to which I now add some elements of jazz and modern dance to which I devoted myself recently,” he said.

He also noted that salsa is nourished in BiH as well. There are numerous schools, congresses and salsa festivals.

(Source: klix.ba)

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