After Two Decades, the Largest Flower bloomed in Banja Luka

The largest and also the smelliest flower has bloomed in Banja Luka. On average, 20 years pass from planting to the first blooming, even though it is said to be a real rarity.

What makes this unusual event even more fanciful is that not only one, but two flowers of this kind, have bloomed.

A miracle had happened in the nursery of the family Slavnić in Zalužani. Two kinds of the Titan Arum flower, also known as the ”corpse flower” due to the odor that it discharges, have bloomed. The flower comes from the forests of the western Sumatra, and grows up to three meters in height.

After flowering, it lasts for two to three days. During that time, it smells or better stinks of rotten meat.

”The blooming of this flower is a very rare event, and when it happens, a number of media and lots of spectators follow it. Last year’s blossoming in Basel, the Arboretum in Switzerland, was visited by approximately 25.000 people”, said Boro Slavnić.

Boro argues that this is a unique event in history and that it has never happened that both flowers bloom at the same time, in the same place. He says that there are not a lot of visitors, because it seems that it is not an attraction in our region.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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