Agarwal positively surprised: There is great Potential to attract Tourists in Sarajevo

sanjayHonorary Consul of BiH in Kolkata, the Republic of India, Sanjay Agarwal visited BiH for the first time and stated that he is very positively surprised by what he saw in BiH and that there is great potential to attract tourists from India.

He especially noted that he noticed cleanliness and discipline in Sarajevo, which is considered as the basic precondition for further progress.

“I thought that the city will be still destroyed and that I will see a lot of ruins, but I had the opposite experience. The city has been completely renovated in 20 years, which is great,” stated Agarwal.

He was especially impressed with the Olympic Center Jahorina for which he claims to have all the necessary contents, which he was not able to see in many other parts of the world.

“This would be a great place for winter holidays for people from India because many of them are going on holiday in Switzerland. They would come here, but they do not know about this place, as I did not know until now,” stated Agarwal.

Besides tourism, which he considers as the greatest potential for cooperation between the two countries, Agarwal, who is also the owner of the wood processing factories, believes that the wood industry has potential as well because he realized that BiH produces quality furniture.

Besides the possibility of exports of furniture to India, he also noted it would be good to invest in the wood industry in BiH and to export from here to other countries.

He noticed that people in BiH are very proud of their country, such as a driver that he traveled with and who was looking to buy exclusively water from BiH on one of the breaks.

“The mentality in many countries is such that the import is considered to be better than domestic products, but what I saw in BiH tells me that this country developed a lot because the people here are hardworking and they love their country. BiH is a very nice place today and I believe that the future of Sarajevo and BiH is very good,” said Agarwal.

Agarwal believes that there is a lot of work for the Indians to get to know about new things that are happening here and in order for these connections to be restored in the future.

(Source: FENA)

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