Minister Crnadak met with Kneissl: Austria remains a great Friend of BiH

Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak met with the new Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs Karin Kneissl, and this visit to BiH is the first visit in her mandate. The two of them discussed the improvement of relations between BiH and Austria, as well as the political situation in BiH and the region.

Minister Crnadak thanked his colleague from Austria for choosing BiH as the first country to visit.

“My colleague Kareeen visited Sarajevo for the first time as a minister, but she has visited our country before. She is an old friend of all of us who live here. This is the beginning of a new, although already great, cooperation between Austria and our country,” said Minister Crnadak.

During the meeting, colleagues from BiH and Austria made a brief overview of the most important things in bilateral relations between these two countries. As Minister Crnadak noted, Austria remains the number one investor in BiH and a great support for the European path of BiH.

Austrian Foreign Minister and Minister Crnadak also discussed the current political situation in BiH. Crnadak informed Kneissl that BiH finalized the response to the Questionnaire of the EC, with a shorter delay.

“Austria remains strong support for BiH and a strong factor within the EU that advocates the rapid integration of BiH, as well as all the other countries that have opted for it,” said Crnadak.

Minister of Foreign Affairs said to Kneissl that, besides EU integrations, a successful regional cooperation is also very important for BiH.

“We want to strengthen our BiH-Serbia-Croatia relationship. Regional stability and the complete calm of all possible negativities are very important for the entire region,” concluded Minister Crnadak.

(Source: klix.ba)

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