What was agreed on the Topic of Fast Road at the Meeting with Turkish Investors?

Minister of Communications and Transport of BiH Ismir Jusko attended a meeting with representatives of the Republic of Turkey, led by the Deputy Director General of the Direction of Motorways of the Republic of Turkey, Mehmet Tutaş.

The meeting was also attended by the representative of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications of FBiH, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the RS, the Government of Brcko District of BiH and the public companies for the highways and fast roads from the FBiH and the RS.

“I noted the importance of this visit on several occasions and that we have two defined directions after a long time. Today we have a Turkish delegation that includes 13 representatives, experts. The aim of our meeting was simple: the Turkish delegation wants to gather all the details that have importance for the feasibility study. We presented presentations from the RS and PI Highways of the FBiH. We will go to the field in the next two days, we will visit BiH, and we will have another meeting on Friday,” said Minister Jusko.

“The stand of Turkish delegation is that it is difficult to provide a precise financing model at this stage until all the details are collected and put on the paper,” added Jusko.

Turkish Ambassador to BiH Haldun Koc emphasized that Turkey wants to contribute to the strengthening and development of the region.

“After the meeting at the high level that took place last week in Istanbul, the president summoned all relevant institutions and their most responsible representatives and requested from them to start working, in order to see the way of how the project will be realized. The result of this strongly expressed political will is that two delegations of experts already started with contacts and conversations on both sides. This meeting was an excellent opportunity to gather all the relevant information from the very source and to hear it from the first hand,” said Koc.

He added that they will be able to talk about financing model after the delegation of Turkey conducted its study.





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