Agreement Signed Worth Around 2.000.000 KM For Support of Doboj

doboj (1)The Vice-President of the RS Enes Suljkanović and the General Director of the Czech Development Agency Michal Pastvinski in Prague signed a memorandum on cooperation between the Czech Development Agency and the Local Action Group of the region of Doboj on the implementation of the project “Use of Renewable Geo-Thermal Energy in the City of Doboj’’ worth around 2.000.000 KM.

This project was prepared by the Local Action Group of the region of Doboj, and recognized by the Czech Development Agency as one of the projects that could have a wide range of applications, in the area of Doboj and in all of BiH.

The project, which is being conducted with the support of the city of Doboj, provides research findings for geo-thermal sources, use of geo-thermal energy for heating one returnee school, construction of greenhouses in certain returnee and other areas that would use geo-thermal heat.

Also, it provides for studies for the connection of certain public institutions in Doboj on a heating system such as hospitals, health care centers, schools and other facilities that allocate huge funds for heating.

They spoke about the project “DO MA čisto“, which is being conducted in the area of Doboj and municipality Maglaj, and which was assessed by the Czech Development Agency as the best project that has financed this agency until now in the amount of around 1.900.000 KM.

Suljkanović stressed that BIH has potential, human capacity and BIH citizens do not deserve the condition they have now, and the efforts of the Czech government, Czech Development Agency and Ambassador of Czech Republic to BiH to help BIH have been commended.

(Source: Fena)


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