Agricultural Producers blocked the Border Crossing in Orasje

agriculturers blockadeMembers of the Alliance of associations of agricultural producers of Posavina Canton, are protesting at the border crossing in Orasje since this morning, and they were supported by the Farmers Alliance of the Federation of B&H.

Several hundreds of agricultural producers from Posavina Canton blocked the border crossing near Orasje with 150 tractors at 8.45 a.m.

“We give unconditional support to the Alliance of the associations o agricultural producers of Posavina Canton and the president Vidan Grgic in his efforts to realize their rights, even through protests and road and border crossings blockades, because he gave enough space to futile negotiations until now. Unfortunately, only one way left to move things from a dead point. Misunderstanding of previous but the current Federal Government as well is inconceivable because, 15 months after catastrophic floods, they haven’t found a way to pay damages to farmers“, as stated in the letter.

It is also stated in the letter that until now “current Federal Government paid a total of 21.000.000 BAM for the debt from the last year to agricultural producers of the Federation of B&H and we respect it, but out of that, around 1.000.000 BAM was paid to agricultural producers of Posavina Canton, but not even 1 BAM is for floods damages“.

“In all our letters to relevant authorities and at all meetings with them, we emphasized a debt for flood damages as the first priority that has to be sloved and we always got promises that this issues will be solved. But where are we now? Instead of preparing for the autumn sowing, we are at the street now. It is known that the previous federal Government left a huge debt to agricultural producers which led to the discontinuity in paying of incentives for more than a year and we are aware that the current government inherited a huge and difficult to solve problem, but that is just one of numerous problems in the agricultural sector“, as stated in letter, in which it was emphasized that the Government will not solve problems without a dialogue with agricultural producers, their associations and alliances.

“We are expecting a dialogue to be led with a respect to participants and arguments, and not with giving promises and buying time, i.e. waste of a time. On that way, they are losing trust of agricultural producers, which is the first pre-condition for a qualitative dialogue. And when there is no dialogue, we have the situation like this“, as stated in the letter signed by the president of that alliance, Dragan Pavlovic.

(Source: klix.ba)

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