Aida Korman presented her collection of jewellery inspired by Japanese street style

AidaKorman_2Fashion designer Aida Korman will present on Thursday her exhibition of jewellery called ‘Broken Doll’, reports klix.ba

Broken Doll was inspired by Japanese Street style, hip-hop and pop culture of Japan, which is very trendy in the world of fashion.

She combined symbols, materials, and textures which are at the first glance opposite, cute, attractive, cool, charming, innocent and traditional and joins them with neon colours, masks, bullets, spikes etc.

Through metal, plastic and wood, she talks about peace, happiness, Bosnian Kingdom, traditional garments, celestial bodies, love, etc.

The exhibition will be opened on 9 May at 9 p.m. in gallery ‘Black Box’ accompanied by the poetry of Ivona Jukić.


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