Will One Thousand Teachers lose their Jobs in Sarajevo?

As every year so far, the temporary contracts of teachers working in primary and secondary schools in Sarajevo Canton expire on August 31st. Therefore, the fate of 1,000 educators will be uncertain because the competition procedure will not be completed until September 1, when the new school year begins.

Teaching process

”That is why they will be at the mercy of the director, because they do not know whether they will be hired again until the process is completed. Competitions are late and it is clear to everyone that the teaching process will suffer. For example, last year it happened to us that in the elementary school "Osman Nuri Hadzic" the management did not want to hire teachers until everything was over. He thought that he would be directly responsible because their contract would grow indefinitely,” said Saudin Sivro, president of the CS Primary Education Union.

Rights endangered
According to him, some of these people, in order to have a full salary and meet the teaching norm, work in as many as three schools.

”We in the Trade Union believe that it is oppression towards children. Their rights to have one teacher working with them in continuity are endangered. On the other hand, workers' rights are being violated. In larger schools, such as the elementary school "Fatima Gunic", "Skender Kulenovic", there are more vacancies, and they even have nine teachers who work part-time. That is why we are asking for vacancies to be announced for an indefinite period of time. We are still waiting for the response of the CS Government in this regard,” Sivro pointed out.

Put on the agenda 
As Sivro points out, the line minister should urge the CS Government to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Regulations until the end of June

As Sivro points out, no one can predict what will happen at the competitions, because it is not yet known what this new rulebook will look like, which should see the light of day by the end of June.

”We in the Trade Union are looking forward to this rulebook, and just imagine how it is for teachers whose contracts are expiring. Nobody knows whether there will be a change or it will remain the same,” Sivro emphasized, Avaz writes.

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