How many People did the CEC refuse to enrol in the Central Voters’ Register?

The Central Election Commission of BiH (CEC BiH) adopted a decision with which they refused to enrol 9.136 voters from the Central Voters’ Register from outside of BiH because the legally prescribed conditions were not fulfilled (lack of proof of identity, lack of proof of citizenship, lack of proof of residence, etc.) or because higher number of entries (7 and above) include the same address abroad.

They noted that they informed the public on the same day and in all of their public addressing that there is grounded suspicion that there were falsified signatures and misused personal documents in the process of registration of voters from abroad.

“We invite all the voters to check the status of their registration on the website of the Central Election Commission of BiH under the link “Have you been registered (Da li ste registrovani)”, in the Municipal Center for Voters Register or to call the CEC BiH at 033/251-331 or 033/251-332,” as announced by the CEC.

They noted that it is the obligation of the Central Election Commission BiH to ensure voting right to all voters. Thus, all those who are registered to vote by mail without their knowledge and will, will be able to vote in the municipality of their residence in BiH at a polling station intended for voting on unsubscribed ballots.

“On the other side, it is also the obligation of the Central Election Commission of BiH to prevent the abuse of voting packages sent by mail. The mechanism of protection applied by the Central Election Commission of BiH is sending ballots by registered mail so that it can only be taken personally and the other mechanism is that if a ballot box on behalf of a voter who has reported misdemeanour still comes to BiH, it will not be counted,” as concluded from the CEC BiH.

(Source: klix.ba)

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