AIESEC Marks 60 Years of Existence in BiH

studenti-1To mark the 60 years of AIESEC in BIH, there will be a ceremony today where the work and results of this organization will be presented.

“AIESEC, the biggest international organization run by students, is a platform for young people to discover and develop their potential and exert a positive influence on society. AIESEC is present in 113 countries throughout the world’’, in a statement by AIESEC.

This organization in BiH exists since 1953, which makes it one of the oldest AIESEC countries. They were in operation from 1992-1995.

AIESEC BIH received a status as an independent member in 1993. At the beginning of 2000 it became a full member in Sarajevo, and in Mostar in 2004.

Since 2011, there were initiatives in Zenica and Banja Luka, where in 2012 they became official extensions of AIESEC BIH.

In the 60 years of its existence, it has a number of successful projects and a large number of successful people that have become ambassadors for the positive impact of AIESEC.

The ceremony will be held in Dom Armija beginning at 18:30.

(Source: Fena)

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