Airport “Medeno Polje” Bosanski Petrovac soon in Function

Medeno Polje Airport vipromo.baThe preliminary examination of the Airport Medeno Polje by the Commission of the Directorate of Civil Aviation of B&H was conducted yesterday.

The Commission of the Directorate of Civil Aviation of B&H conducted a preliminary examination of the airfield in Medeno Polje and provided guidance on the preparation of the airport for the certification to the Aviation Club Medeno Polje from Bosanski Petrovac, which is to be the operator of this sports airport.

“The Airport Medeno Polje has its historical, economic and tourist role, and this is a good way of operating of the government commissions, they gave concrete recommendations to the Aviation Club on what to do to obtain a certificate, there are few more details that will soon be completed, and Medeno Polje will be certified”, said Zlatko Hujić, the Mayor of Bosanski Petrovac.

The airfield in Medeno Polje was used for sports activities in the former Yugoslavia as well, and the majority of the inhabitants remember this airport from the movie Partisans squadron as the first partisan airport, at which the movie was also filmed.

After the certification, the airport will be used for small planes landing, the organization of sports competitions, flying school, parachuting and the like.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba/ photo vipromo)

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