Al Shiddi Group as a Golden Sponsor of FC Sarajevo

FC Sarajevo Al ShiddiFC Sarajevo yesterday got a new golden sponsor. Actual champion of our country established a one-year cooperation with Al Shiddi Group.

With this business cooperation, FC Sarajevo got a significant support in achieving club goals at the marketing and financial plan.

“We strive to have a qualitative sponsors, which are investors in B&H in some way. In this moment, I have to express my satisfaction that the Al Shiddi Group, which is certainly a significant investor in our country, recognized a quality of FC Sarajevo as a collective that is suitable for a cooperation and I believe that it will be qualitative for both sides. Certainly, FC Sarajevo is opened for a cooperation with all domestic and foreign companies“, said Edis Kusturica, president of the Managing Board of FC Sarajevo.

“Al Shiddi Group and FC Sarajevo are connected mostly with the great enthusiasm, motif, willingness and work, belief in ideast that seem impossible in the beginning. Thanks to the masterful work of members of the collective, ideas became reality, FC Sarajevo is today there where it is, with four trophies won in the last season. We managed to recognize a hard work and decided to connect our champion sides in some way, Al Shiddi with its trophies in a business world and FC Sarajevo with its trophies in football. As a result, we expect more medals, new successful stories and we are looking forward to the future cooperation with one of the most organized sports collectives in B&H“, said Samid Sinanovic, general director of Shad Invest d.o.o. Sarajevo.

Dino Selimovic, general director of FC Sarajevo, also expressed his satisfaction with signing an agreement and thanked to the owners of the Group for their trust.


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