Alarming Number of Residents in BiH and People who left the Country!

Bosnia and Herzegovina currently has only around 2.7 million inhabitants, according to an official document of the Labor Force poll 2018 made by the BiH Agency for Statistics.

This is drastically less than the data being used in public of about 3.5 million people, which is actually data from the last census of 2013.

In order to obtain the most relevant data on demographic changes, BiznisInfo compared the same document – the BiH Agency for Statistics’s Labor Force Survey – from 2013 and 2018.

We have come to catastrophic data that in five years, BiH has left a total population of 349,000, or 11.4 percent of the population. The number of employees in 2018 is identical to the number of employees in 2013.

There are a total of 822 thousand. The number of unemployed has been reduced from 311 thousand to 185 thousand, but obviously not because of employment but because of going abroad.

But the most worrying is the following:The population of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the age of 15 has decreased the most.  In 2013, it amounted to 452 thousand and in 2018 only 305 thousand.

That’s a whopping 32.5 percent. The working age population fell from 2,598,000 to 2,396,000.

The workforce dropped from 1,133,000 to 1,008,000.It is alarming data that shows that the exodus from BiH has already started and that the working-age population, which is taking the children, which should be the future of this country, is leaving the most.

It should be noted that further emigration from Bosnia and Herzegovina is expected in the coming period, given that Germany is opening its labor market from next year



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