All ready for the Spectacle: “Sarajevo Fight Night 2”

Sarajevo Fight Night 2 klix.baFirst press conference on the occasion of “Sarajevo Fight Night 2” which is to be held on October 31st in the Youth House (Dom mladih) Skenderija was held at the hotel Han at the Olympic beauty Bjelasnica.

The attendees were the organizers, a part of participants, as well as the special guest – BH boxer Damir Beljo who defended the title of the European champion in cruiserweight category by the WBO version the night before.

“I am extremely happy that I have made it to today’s press conference on the occasion of this event. Thank you for the great support, for all the congratulations I received after the match. I am sorry I will not be present in Sarajevo on the day of this true spectacle, because I am traveling to Florida already on October 26th”, said among other things Beljo, who arrived on Bjelasnica at the invitation of his great friend and organizer of this event Mensur Peljto, “Camp Sport Peljto”.

Nine hundred tickets will be on sale for the “Sarajevo Fight Night 2”, 700 for standing and 200 for sitting. After the start matches (Csutakuj Daniel – Ali Jez, Hamori Adam – Adnan Halilovic, Urban Laszlo – Samir Begic, Benke Sara – Merime Basic), HAYAT TV will directly broadcast the fights (Memnun Hadzic – Aleksandar Aksentijevic, Marino Goles – Mohammed Ali Durmaz, Edin Puhalo – Diallo Ali and Irma Balijagic – Mirjana Vucic).

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