”Alma” at the National Theater Sarajevo

New B&H opera entitled ”Alma” will be performed on the stage of the National Theater Sarajevo on the 11th of January. The acting crew will be lead by an experienced opera solo singer Denis Isaković. Aida Čorbadžić, Adema Pjevljak-Krehić, Leonardo Šarić and Ivan Šarić will join Isaković on the stage to perform this interesting opera. The composer of this opera is Jasmin Osmanagić and the director and choreographer is Ferid Karajica.

Opera ”Alma”  tells the story of Alibeg and his daughter Alma who lived in the Abdesthana Street, not far away from his craft shop. This is also the story of the young and misunderstood artist Alma.

The performance of this opera will start at 19:30 p.m.

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