Alma Ras from Olovo: A Company with Satisfied Female Employees

The factory ‘Alma Ras’ that produces lingerie from Olovo celebrated its 15th anniversary yesterday on the International Day for Women.

The company was built on the foundation of a family tradition and rich experience and clear vision of the quality for domestic brands. It has good production potential, with facilities in Srebrenica, Vareš and Olovo, and exports to selected customers from Italy, Germany, Austria and Slovenia. The company is developing its own brand with a total capacity of 10 million items per year.

The headquarters for ‘Alma Ras’ is in Olovo. In addition to production for the domestic market, 70 percent of capacity is reserved for the production of fine lingerie for the most well-known world brands.

The company currently employs 460 employees, most of whom are women. Yesterday was very important for them, because they had two reasons to celebrate. Despite the difficult financial times, they have a job and a decent salary in a country where those opportunities do not come by often.

Olovo was once known for its spas and forests. Now it is more known for ‘Alma Ras’, which is considered the leader and most famous brand in the production of fine lingerie in BiH. Today, stores can be found in Sarajevo, Visoko, Zenica, Tuzla, Banja Luka, Bihać and Mostar.

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