Almost the same Number of Inhabitants and Voters in Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to the Central Voters Register, Bosnia and Herzegovina currently has 3,283,194 voters, while the population is 3,531,159, according to the 2013 census. Former CEC member and election expert, Vehid Sehic says the list should never be used as reliable.

“We need to wait for a new census. This is proof that a lot is being improvised here, but there is no doubt that there are 3 million 280 thousand citizens who have the right to vote,” said Vehid Sehic from the coalition for election control “Under the Magnifying Glass”.

While waiting for the publication of new voter lists by constituencies, we do not forget the paradox that marked Banja Luka in the last general elections in 2018, which according to the 2013 census had 185 thousand inhabitants, while 191 thousand voters had the right to vote, writes BNTV.

Jelena Trivic, who is the holder of the PDP list in Banja Luka, says that there are huge manipulations of the water lists, but that the census data are not reliable either.

“The closest to the actual number of citizens living in, for example, Republika Srpska is the number of health records. At the moment, therefore, there are a total of 850 thousand inhabitants with children and everyone, including people who are temporarily working outside, “says Jelena Trivic.

The Banja Luka opposition states that this situation with an inaccurate census is the most suitable ground for election manipulations, Vijesti.ba writes.

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