Ambassador Yamazaki: BiH can improve its export to Japan

Hideo Yamazaki, ambassador of Japan in BiH, said to FENA that BiH has achieved significant progress since the war, and that Japan is proud to be one of the countries who helped in rebuilding BiH, and now BiH and Japan must strengthen the economic cooperation.

Yamazaki said that there is a lot of space for improvement of relations between BiH and Japan. He added: ” We believe that BiH is ready for the new phase of economic relations with Japan, which should transform the cooperation between two countries, which was based on help and donations by Japanese government to full economic partnership, based on joint interests.  In order to reach this goal, both countries need to work in finding different models of cooperation.”

He noted that Japan is working hard to improve image of BiH by promoting BiH as a tourist destination to Japanese tourists.

”Political stability is one of the main factors for attracting foreign investments. I hope that BiH political leaders will make a wise decision not to make anything that would jeopardize foreign investments”, said ambassador.

He noted that there are several sectors of BiH economy that have the potential of exporting to Japan, such as furniture, organic food and herbs.

Yamazaki said that a growing number of companies in interested in investing in BiH, especially in energy sector, introduction the technology for protection of environment, producing parts for cars, etc.

”I’d especially like to note the energy sector which is opening a huge space for Japanese companies to BiH market and their participation in great construction projects. BiH is currently working on harmonizing the legal regulation with the EU in the field of protection of environment, and Japanese companies, which are leaders in that field, can contribute significantly to that. I do hope that Japanese technology will be used in building new thermal energy drives in BiH , including the construction of Block 7 of TE Tuzla”, said Japanese ambassador.

He noted that concerning other sector, Japanese investors are very keen in investing in production of car parts, and BiH has a long tradition in that field.

Also, it must be said that Japanese Government with its donations helped BiH in rebuilding the public transportation, roads, food production projects, improving health care, as well as building and rebuilding schools and demining.

There also many grants for culture, expert help and training of clerks and help to tourist and environment projects, and also Japan has a very developed system of scholarships and student exchange programmes with BiH, and that help is estimated to be worth 100 million BAM.


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