Americans made their Choice, the rest of the World must adapt

b_161110030Ambassador of BiH to the USA Haris Hrle stated that the BiH community welcomed the results of the presidential elections in the USA readily and in peace. Hrle emphasized that BiH has long tradition of cooperation with leaders of the Republican Party.

“The United States has made a choice. The choice is clear and the rest of the world must adapt. The way in which the USA was established, the political philosophy of the fathers of the American federation and the unpredictable spirit of democracy and liberalism built in the U.S. politics, the society and economy dictate the global tempo again. The change is not coming, it is already rushing on the main global motorway,” said Hrle.

Hrle emphasized that there is some anxiety among the main allies of the USA, given the fact that the most powerful country in the world is no longer predictable, but it is ready to question the vitality and readiness for change of all other factors in international relations.

According to Hrle, the United States is the continental jumbo jet in the air space of the world, and a neighbor to everyone.

“In the space above, next to and within a territory, in every pocket, there exists the awareness that adjustment to new circumstances, rhythm and local-global changes must begin as soon as possible,” said Hrle.

Hrle said that the BiH community in the USA welcomed the results of the presidential elections readily.

“Skillful, intelligent, hardworking and tradition-oriented U.S. citizens who originate from BiH will continue their successful individual and group development. Their affinity towards rapid adjustment, adjustment to the changes in environment, is something that they brought with them from BiH, it is in our genes,” said Hrle.

The Ambassador also highlights that BiH has long tradition of cooperation with leaders of the Republican Party.

In the first year of presidency, the Embassy of BiH expects the slowdown of the globalization process and strengthening of the notion of material and national sovereignty, the emphasis on borders as a term and as a line.

(Source: klix.ba)

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