Among Millions of Believers, BH Believers performed Hajj as well

hajj2According to Sharia laws, Hajj is one of five basic duties of Islam. Each Muslim who is adult, smart, wealthy and healthy is obliged to, at least once in a lifetime, make a pilgrimage to Ka’ba in Mecca, to stay at Arafat, to visit Safa and Marwa and to perform other duties related to this worship.

Muslims yesterday gathered at the mountain Arafat due to a prayer within Hajj, at which is believed for Prophet s.a.w.s. had his last speech during his legacy and invited all Muslims to the equality and unity.

Hajj pilgrims from Balkans, but from the entire world as well arrived earlier to Saudi Arabia, and according the data of the Saudi offices, around 13.000 future pilgrims were arriving each day.

Due to the conflict at the Middle East, this year Hajj pilgrims travelled to Saudi Arabia only by planes, unlike in previous years when they were able to travel with buses.

Numerous pilgrims were preparing for Hajj, which started on 22nd September in the Great mosque in Mecca, the greatest mosque in the world.

Many of them were waiting for a chance to go to Mecca for years, they were saving money and waiting for the list of ilgrims from the entire world, given that each year only a certain number of people from each country can go to Hajj.

(Source: klix.ba)

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