Amusement Park Sunnyland opened on Zlatiste (Photo+Video)

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Amusement Park Sunnyland is opened on Zlatiste above Sarajevo, where the main attraction is the adventure alpine coaster designed for all ages.

Large number of visitors confirmed that Sunnyland offers refreshment for visitors who have the ability to come to a beautiful natural surrounding with all the conditions for relaxation and enjoyment just a few minutes from the city center.

“The idea was to create a project that will improve the quality of life. More than 700 people worked on the implementation of the project and 7 people was directly employed. We expect the number of employees to grow with the expansion of Sunnyland,” said the director of Dubos Consulting, Mirza Karic, at a press conference that was held at the site of the park.

Board Member of Sunnyland, Meliha Hadzic, said that besides alpine coaster, Sunnyland offers indoor playroom for children with additional contents (mini cinema and mini disco), restaurants and walking trails.

“The current value of the investment is over 15 million BAM. The general contractor is the company HMI Inzinjering, the control was done by Unis Institute, and maker of preliminary and detailed design was BH architect Kenan Hadzovic. Supplier of alpine coaster was the German company WIEGAND,” said Hadzic.

One of the investors of the project HH Sheikh Mohammed Alqassimi from the Emirates, expressed his satisfaction for having the opportunity to invest funds primarily for children to have better and more modern facilities while growing up.

With Sunnyland and other similar projects, he hopes that BiH will take its place on the tourist map of the world. Construction of the park started earlier this year with the aim to increase unique content for children and adults in this part of the region.

(Source: Faktor.ba/Radiosarajevo.ba)


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