An unusual Recording of Ramsko Lake in the Winter (4K video)


Ramsko Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the whole Europe, and with its purity and beauty, it represents an ideal place for hikers. Also, during the summer, it is an amazing place for swimming.

Although Ramsko Lake is currently not an official tourist destination, it is well known for its fishing tourism. Islands and peninsulas near Ramsko Lake give a special beauty to it. Among the most famous peninsula is the one name Scit, where the Franciscan monastery Rama-Scit is located.

Annually, lake and area around it is visited by 10 to 15 thousand visitors, tourists, fishermen and athletes. Two years ago, the lake was visited by the athletes from far Australia.

Several days ago, the beauty of Ramsko Lake and especially the fascinating scenes of this BH pearl were recorded from the air. From an unusual angle, Ramsko Lake is even more beautiful …

Take a look at the video below. And this is the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

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