Analysis: B&H recorded Growth in all Parameters in 2015

b_151229082President of the Association of Employers of FB&H Safudin Cengic said that B&H has recorded growth in all parameters in 2015, and that employers are satisfied with the work done, but that they are expecting more concrete results in the coming year, with the support of the Government of FB&H.

Association of Employers of the FB&H organized a New Year reception for the representatives of executive and legislative powers, as well as for media representatives. The audience was addressed by the President of the Association Safudin Cengic who expressed his satisfaction with their work in 2015.

“B&H has recorded significant progress; we have GDP growth of 2 %, with an emphasis on the growth of industrial production and investment. Moreover, we have an increase in the number of employees by 2.5 %. However, we still have to work on reducing of the budget deficit of entities, as well as the public debt, which continues to grow,” stated Cengic.

It was emphasized that the positive trend has to be continued and that the full effect of the cooperation between the employers, unions and governments should be expected during 2016.

“We must continue working in order to reduce problems for entrepreneurs, to find a new model of work and spend only what we have. State must provide a suitable work framework for employers. I am urging the Government of FB&H for systemic changes in the law in 2016, but with the agreement if the employers,” concluded Cengic.

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