Analysis: increase in Credit Card Payments in BiH

master cardThe total number of active cards owned by the citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016 was 2,042,280, recording an increase of 29,061 cards compared to 2015.

According to the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2,013,219 were used in 2015 in BiH.

Services of this type of paying were offered by 24 commercial banks in BiH, namely the global brands MasterCard, Visa and American Express, while only three banks offered only domestic card – Bamcard.

The value of transactions realized by cards in BiH and abroad amounted to 8,791,381,069 BAM, recording an increase compared to 2015 when the realized value of transactions amounted to 7,663,585,465 BAM.

In 2016, of the total value of card based transactions in BiH and abroad, cash in the amount of 6,244,340,685 BAM or 71 percent was taken from the ATM machines, and on POS devices it is realized 2,547,040,384 BAM or 29 percent of the value.

(Source: biznisinfo)

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