Animation adventure comedy ”Finding Nemo 3D” at Cinema ”Palas” Banja Luka

Popular animated film ”Finding Nemo“ which was released in 2003 in the production of ”Pixar- Disney” is again in cinemas around the world. The screening of this film began in our cinemas on the 17th of February in a new 3D animation. This animated adventure film also won the Oscar award for the best animated film.

This animated adventure comedy follows a journey of Nemo the fish and his father. Nemo is a very curious fish and he gets lost one day. In the company of the lovely Dory, Marlin, his father, begins a dangerous journey in order to find his soon. This animated adventure comedy was directed by Andrew Stanton.

This new 3D version of ”Finding Nemo” will be screened this weekend at Cinema ”Palas” in Banja Luka. Both on Saturday and Sunday, ”Finding Nemo” will be screened at 13:00 p.m.


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