Anniversary of the greatest Battles for the Liberation of Goražde marked


The beginning of operations “Krug” and “Drina”, that liberated the complete territory of Goražde municipality back in 1992, was marked yesterday. The liberation of the city on the Drina River, as claimed by the actors, was one of the largest battles in Goražde during the war.

The action was performed by soldiers of the 1st and 31st Drina Corps Brigades and the battle lasted for 40 days and ended up with triumphal entry of liberation units into the city through Desana and Površnica, both enemy strongholds.

The operations took place on two battlefields, the attack on the Hranjen and Oštro on one side and Petibor, Trovrh and Tvičijak on the other side. By performing operation ”Krug,” the enemy was severely defeated and 150 square kilometers of territory was liberated. The operation aimed at the liberation of the territory on the right bank of the Drina River started on the 14th and ended on the 18th of September 1992, and was performed by the 43rd and 31st  unit of the Drina Brigade.

The enemy strongholds on Kolijevke and Biljin were destroyed, and villages Bare, Krsnica, Zupčići, Potkozara and some others were liberated. That’s when the entire territory of Goražde was free.

Marking of the 23rd anniversary of the beginning of these operations started by visit to the martyrdom cemetery, laying flowers and reciting Fatiha at a memorial in Dražmilo, from where units of the Army of RB&H started the liberation march, while the main ceremony was organized in Berič, whose residents made a great contribution to the liberation of the city.

As part of the marking ceremony, a public lecture “The importance of the operations ‘Krug’ and ‘Drina’” was held as well as a reception for the families of martyrs, while the prayer for the souls of martyrs was recited in the mosque in Brajlović.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo avaz)

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