Another Success of the Dairy Farm Inmer from Gradačac!

12596330_1128761190508169_1676897368_nThe dairy farm Inmer from Gradačac last year recorded an increase in production and growth of export.

The dairy Inmer recorded an increase in production by ten percent, as well as a growth in export to the markets of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. More than 30 percent of the total milk and dairy products exported from BiH were exported from this dairy to these markets. Furthermore, the purchase of raw materials from domestic farms has also increased by five percent.

This data confirms the quality of work of more than 3.600 BiH farmers and subcontractors from whom the company Lactalis BH, within which the dairy Inmer operates, purchases raw materials for many years now.

Precisely the raw material is one of the key prerequisites for making more than 60 quality, fresh and healthy dairy products made in BiH such as Dukat, Domaće blago and Dar prirode, whose quality was recognized by consumers on foreign markets as well.

It is certainly worth highlighting that Lactalis BH stimulates the domestic farmers with different types of lending, and it also helps the reconstruction of their livestock. This successful cooperation and investment have resulted in even greater purchase of milk from the domestic farmers in the past year. Hence, products made of fresh domestic milk come out of the modern production plants of Inmer and end up on the shelves of stores throughout BiH and the countries in the region.

Through Lactalis BH, the Lactalis Group has invested more than 18 million BAM in the dairy Inmer so far, and new investments are announced.


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