Borovac speaks about the Influx of Money from Diaspora

12324868_1128765597174395_2110174435_nAround two million people originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina are staying in 51 countries of the world. For a long time now, we have been witnessing a stable influx of money from our diaspora, which reaches the amount of around three billion BAM on annual level, making up to incredible 15 percent of the gross domestic product of our country, said the Minister of Human Rights and Refugees Semiha Borovac.

In spite of that, Borovac highlighted, the state does not have legally regulated relations with diaspora. Truth is there are several documents and laws that partially regulate the relations with diaspora, but it is not enough.

Borovac reminded that the Council of Ministers of BiH in late 2015 reached a decision by which the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees is tasked with preparing a proposal of the policy of cooperation with diaspora, which will be a prerequisite for the legal regulation of this field.

“The working group will be formed soon and it will consist of representatives of several national and entity institutions. Representatives of diaspora will be consulted in all stages of the making of that policy. This will be a comprehensive document that will define the forms of cooperation between the state and diaspora and regulate the relations and cooperation in all fields. In this way, obligations of institutions towards the diaspora will also be defined, so that the cooperation with the diaspora does not depend on the good will of representatives of institutions. Instead, it will be their obligation,” Borovac stated.

(Source: akta.ba)

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