Apartment Keys handed over to Families of Veterans

Muharem Fiso, the minister for veterans’ affairs of Canton Sarajevo, today handed over the keys for six apartments in Rosulje in Vogosca to veterans, which got the right for that through the Program for Ownership of Apartments.

Ramiza Bakal, Mirsada Malagic, Hiba Cicvara and Nevzeta from the category of parents of martyrs and killed soldiers and Almasa Efendic and Aida Nuhanovic from the category of spouses of martyrs and killed soldiers got apartments in the newly constructed building “3D.”

“We were in Macedonia four years and returned. We rented ever since we returned. Finally, we have our housing taken care of,” Bakal said.

Nevzeta Begic from Srebrenica lost her only son during the war rented from the end of the war until now. After 10 years, she finally has her housing question solved.

“I’m very happy. I wanted 10 years since I submitted all the papers and now I’ve got it. I prayed to God that I die on my own, not on someone else’s,” Begic, who is moving in alone, said.

The competent ministry purchased the apartments from the Fund of Canton Sarajevo for construction of apartments for the families of martyrs and killed soldiers, war invalids, demobilized soldiers, and displaced persons after acquiring consent from the Assembly of CS.

(Source: N1/photo radiosarajevo)

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