Approved Mechanisms for Introduction of Visa System for Citizens of B&H

pasos_bihThe European Parliament today approved a mechanism to suspend visa-free regime for the countries of Western Balkans. Since previously it was shown that the European Union will be able to stop the visa-free system for countries that are not in EU because of the increase the number of false asylum seekers.

According to Agustin Diaz de Mere, Reporter of the Committee on Civil liberties EP mechanism of suspension does not specifically target the third countries.It provides a general framework for the future, and can be a trigger for any country whose citizens are able to travel to the EU without a visa. Amendments to the visa regime have the goal to preserve the integrity of the visa liberalization process and to ensure that visa-free system to the EU is not misused. The proposal of the mechanism has a deadline until 2016, so it is unlikely to be applied until then,even if Parliament adopts it. In other words, if there is no dramatic change until December2016, Bosnia and Herzegovina will remain permanently on the visa-free regime.

The Parliament voted with 328 votes in favor, 257 against and 46 abstentions to approve the introduction of mechanisms that member states of the European Union(EU) allows suspension of visa free regime, when necessary.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)


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