Arab Investors to provide Accommodation for 100,000 People in Sarajevo?

buroj4Construction of several tens of residential resorts is taking place in Sarajevo and its surroundings, and the investors of these projects are mainly from Arab countries. According to certain estimates, if all these settlements are constructed, accommodation for a total of 100,000 people will be provided, which would represent a great incentive for BH economy and tourism.

Sarajevo Resort Osenik, with a total of 160 objects and the capacity to accommodate 1125 people, is one of the first settlements that is already opened. A similar settlement called “Orchid Resort” is under the construction next to Osenik.

The company “Rawasi Real Estate” is constructing the resort “Country Side Resort” in Crepljani, the municipality of Hadzici, and it should be opened in mid-2018. Sale of houses in this resort is in full swing. The resort will contain 108 villas and 11 buildings, as well as the lake and other interesting contents.

The construction of Tarcin Forest Resort complex, which is consisted of 230 villas and a large number of other buildings, is almost completed in Hadzici.

The company “Al Diyar Real Estate” is constructing the settlement “Ilidza Pearl Resort” in Blazuj. This will be a luxurious five-star resort, whose value is estimated at 13 million EUR.

The largest of all projects that are funded by Arab investors is “Nova Ilidza”. It is a project that many people are comparing with “Belgrade on the Water”, which could receive a total of 40,000 citizens. The Mayor of Ilidza Senaid Memic said that he hopes that administrative barriers will be removed soon in order to start with the realization of this project.

The company “Green Valley” from Dubai announced the construction of two settlements in Vogosca. Green Valley City will be constructed on the surface of 73,000 square meters, and it will include 106 villas and 224 apartments, as well as numerous other facilities and contents, on the locality of Svrake.

In the Municipality of Trnovo near Sarajevo, the construction of a tourist-residential resort “Buroj Ozone” has already started, and it should contain more than 1,000 villas and more than 70 residential buildings.


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