Are there any Changes for BH Citizens after Germany suspended Schengen?

Germany Suspended Schengen faktor.baGermany sent police on its borders yesterday, primarily on the border with Austria, and temporarily suspended the Schengen Agreement. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of B&H (MFA B&H) stated that this change does not affect the BH citizens who travel to this country.

For now, the MFA B&H does not have information that any decision of certain member countries might affect the visa-free regime of B&H with the countries members of the Schengen Agreement.  

“The engagement of the MFA B&H depends on the probable measures which certain countries introduce, and all activities of the MFA B&H will be coordinated with the Ministry of Security of B&H and other institutions and agencies of the Council of Ministers of B&H which have the authority in this field”, said Nebojsa Ragoje, the Chief of the Office of Public Relations of the MFA B&H.

The MFA B&H recommend the BH citizens who travel abroad, regardless of whether it is about the countries members of the EU, the Schengen Agreement or other countries, to comply with the regulations that apply to the citizens of B&H when traveling to their destination countries, and to respect the requirements of the relevant officials of those countries in terms of passport control when entering, staying, and leaving those countries.  

(Source: klix.ba/ photo faktor.ba)


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