All Cities in FBiH had a negative natural Increase this Year

Demographic indicators in our country are catastrophic, and the last section showed an extremely pronounced negative natural increase. The ubiquitous departure of people contributes to that, but also the tragic epilogue of the coronavirus pandemic.

Economic analyst Faruk Hadzic mentioned that in the middle ofconstant political quarrels and tensions, it is as if we are deliberately forgetting the key problem of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), and that is the extinction and emigration of our citizens.

“Journalists should ask our decision-makers about this topic every day, even when they talk about political topics, they should focus on our internal disappearance. Today I will refer to the recently published data for the Federation of BiH (FBiH) for January-September this year, which refer to negative natural growth, ” he noted.

The report states, among other things:

In this period, the number of births was 11.693, and the number of deaths was 20.596. The negative natural increase was 8.903.

A negative natural increase was recorded in all cantons and all municipalities. In absolutely all, except in Tesanj, where the natural increase is 0 (same number of births and deaths).

Cantons such as Posavina Canton, Canton 10, and Bosnian-Podrinje Canton (BPC( Gorazde have a very dangerous and negative trend. In Posavina Canton, the number of births was 91, and the number of deaths was 433, BPC had a number of 109 births and 278 deaths, while Canton 10 is perhaps in the worst condition – 241 babies born and 749 deaths.

All major cities in the FBiH, including Sarajevo, recorded a negative natural increase.

Some areas are already in critical condition. Not a single child was born in Dobretici and Ravno this year, and the number of deaths is 7. Furthermore, 5 babies were born in Domaljevac (42 died), 32 babies were born in Odzak (176 died), and 54 babies were born in Orasje (215 died). In Usora, 9 babies were born in nine months (average of 1 baby per month), while 58 died. 23 babies were born in Vares (133 died). 17 babies were born in Kresevo (60 died). In Pale (FBiH part) one baby was born (2 died), while in Foca (FBiH part) 7 babies were born (32 died).

Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNC) is also in a difficult position. 38 babies were born in Stolac (150 died). 10 babies were born in Neum (20 deaths), while 103 babies were born in Capljina (257 deaths). 129 babies were born in Konjic, and 281 people died. Prozor had 26 birhts (120 dead)…

When it comes to Canton 10, in Glamoc there were 7 borns(died 42), Kupres born 11 (died 39), Drvar born 18 (died 73), Bosansko Grahovo born 5 (died 29), Tomislavgrad born 88 (died 253), Livno born 114 (died 313)…

“I don’t know what else can happen to us to understand what kind of abyss we are going and sinking. Who will work for you here tomorrow? Who will pay your taxes here tomorrow? Who will pay your pensions tomorrow? Who will vote for you tomorrow? Who will even stay here at all? Are you aware that there are 11 municipalities in which less than 20 babies were born in nine months? Do you know that only one child is born every 54 days in Bosansko Grahovo and Domaljevac? Think and ask yourself where you are leading this country and our society, “ Hadzic wonders.


Source: Klix.ba

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