Sarajevo Cevapi selected among the 10 best Dishes in the World

A travel guide Taste Atlas published the annual list of the best dishes in the world, and the Mexican dish Conchinita pibil was in the first place.

What is most interesting for citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is that Sarajevo cevapi are in 10th place.

Despite the clear Turkish origin, cevapi are a source of great national pride and a favorite dish of this country.

After standing for a couple of hours, cevapi are baked on charcoal. Traditionally, one part of the dish consists of ten pieces of cevapi (grilled meat) tucked into a soft, moist, lightly baked flatbread called lepina (somun), and various side dishes, ” it is part of the description of Sarajevo cevapi on Taste Atlas.


Source: Avaz

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