DW: Sanctions are not on the Table, the International Community believes it would be counterproductive

After  a session of the National Assembly of the Republika Srpska (NARS) which was held on Friday, at which conclusions were reached which deepen the conflicts and continue the degradation of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Western countries reacted harshly, but it seems that sanctions are not on the table.

The mechanisms, which the representatives of the international community in BiH previously announced would be used if the collapse of the Dayton Peace Agreement continues, are still on standby.

According to the views expressed by the embassies of Western countries, the sanctions will remain unused for some time.

Deutsche Welle, from sources close to international representatives, found out that sanctions were considered after the latest decisions of the National Assembly regarding the transfer of competencies, but that it was concluded that this would cause a counter-effect at this time and further aggravate the political situation.

“At the same time, the decisions that have been adopted are still on a” long stick “, which means it takes time for them to take effect, as well as a period of six months for their implementation,” the media wrote.

However, their source said that there is a possibility of changing this attitude if necessary.

“Because a longer period has been left for the realization of the conclusions, for now only the verbal condemnation of this act remains, in order to try to calm tensions and find a solution, either through the BiH Parliament or through direct agreement of political leaders on issues that caused the crisis. But, it is not excluded that this decision will be changed, ” it was announced by their source.

After the NARS session, a joint statement arrived from the embassies of Western countries, signed by the United States (U.S.), Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and the European Union (EU) Delegation to BiH, and which should satisfy the form of reaction for now.

They stressed that the RS government must be aware that continuing to move through a dead-end threatens the country’s stability and that they must stop the current rhetoric, and return to state institutions.


Source: Klix.ba

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