Becirovic: Most of the Competencies of the RBiH have been taken away by the Use of Force for many Years

Representative of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly (PA) of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Denis Becirovic sent a letter to international officials in BiH on the occasion of the anti-Dayton and anti-constitutional initiation of the transfer of competencies from the state of BiH to BiH entity of Republika Srpska (RS), assessing the false thesis of Milorad Dodik that a large part of the competence of BiH entity of the RS was forcibly transferred to the state level of BiH.

In this letter, Becirovic emphasized that no competence was transferred to the level of the state of BiH in the post-Dayton period by force, but in a democratic and legal way in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Dayton Peace Agreement, the BiH Constitution, and the Rules of the House of Representative and the House of Peoples of the PABiH.

Deputies and representatives in the PABiH from all nations and both BiH entities voted for all competencies of the state of BiH.That this is a complete truth is confirmed, among other things, by the records and transcripts from those sessions,” Becirovic stated.

As for the pre-Dayton transfer of competencies, he explainedthat most of the competencies of the internationally recognized state of the Republic of BiH (RBiH), valid member of the United Nations (UN), were taken away due to many years of brutal force without any democratic and legal procedure.

Furthermore, he claims that these legal facts, described in detail in the final judgments of the UN courts, clearly prove that the only seizure of jurisdiction was the one which was carried out by force in the internationally recognized state of the RBiH.

Therefore, in his letter, he draws attention to the arguments in favor of, as he assessed, the return of the competencies of the internationally recognized state of the RBiH which were taken by force.

Returning the competencies of the RBiH would ensure, among other things, that our state becomes a truly democratic, legal, European, social, secular, and civil state, based on the rule of law, individual freedoms and equality, ethnic, religious, gender equality, and social justice. The return of the competencies of the RBiH would enable legal and efficient protection of human rights, including the return of all refugees and displaced persons to their places of origin, as well as efficient and functional legislative, executive, and judicial authorities,” Becirovicbelieves.

The letter was addressed to the High Representative Christian Schmidt, Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation and EU Special Representative to BiH, Ambassador Johann Sattler, United States (U.S.) Ambassador to BiH Eric Nelson, Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Matthew Field, German Ambassador Margret Uebber, and French Ambassador Christine Toudic.


Source: federalna


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