Armed Forces of BiH conducted demanding Training

The training of the reconnaissance units of the Operational Command of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina in summer conditions was completed today at the ‘Božan Šimović’ Barracks in Capljina.

The training included members of the reconnaissance units of the 4th, 5th and 6th Infantry Brigades, and members of the Intelligence Battalion of the Tactical Support Brigade of the Armed Forces. Training began on 19 August and the final exercises were in Capljina and in the Stolac area.

The aim was for the members of the Armed Forces to acquire new knowledge and improve existing, exchange experience in the application of tactical and technical procedures in conducting operations, and to standardize training procedures and improve coordination of reconnaissance units at the Operational Command level.

The training consisted of theoretical instruction and practical fieldwork, covering aspects of in-depth observation and reconnaissance, as well as working with special tools and equipment.

Completion of training included a demonstration of martial arts, forcing water barriers to boats, swimming, overcoming various natural obstacles, navigation, mountaineering training, providing medical assistance and medical evacuation.



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