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Twenty Three Projects applied for Smart Sarajevo Public Invitation

A total of 23 projects applied for the Smart Sarajevo Public Invitation, an initiative launched by the City of Sarajevo, the Municipality of Stari Grad Sarajevo and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

The projects were presented to the jury on Friday evening, as well as the general public who could vote for them, address the most important challenges and potentials.

The proposal, which takes the most votes, will be awarded with 850,000 BAM.

The Smart Sarajevo Initiative has great potential to improve the quality of life of citizens and support the development of the city’s urban economy through innovative and technology-based solutions.

Creating a smarter city begins with understanding the needs of people and finding innovative solutions and ideas to help fulfill them.

The leader of this initiative, on behalf of UNDP, Marina Dimova, told Fena News Agency that the whole idea was launched last December, and that the aim is to stimulate interest, creativity and innovation of all segments of society in order to propose and implement pilot projects that will lead to better quality of life for citizens and more efficient public administration through the use of new technologies and innovations.

These projects are a kind of response from innovators to the needs of citizens who identified air pollution, public transport and corruption as the three biggest problems in Sarajevo.

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