Around 100 Multimillionaires live in BiH?!

The savings of citizens of BiH on bank accounts reached a historical maximum of 11.2 billion BAM, but the competent institutions are hiding the data of the number of depositors. The data of the Deposit Insurance Agency of BiH shows that the total number of depositors in all banks amounts to 2.8 million.

From the Deposit Insurance Agency of BiH added that 2.74 million depositors have savings of up to 50,000 BAM and 41,408 of them over this amount.

However, several kinds of research have shown that around 100 multimillionaires live in BiH, and their wealth is estimated at over 10 billion BAM. This category, according to international standards and methodologies, includes every individual whose wealth exceeds the amount of 30 million USD.

On the other hand, there are 525 millionaires in BiH as well, and they have a million BAM or more in their accounts in commercial banks in BiH. Regardless of the economic crisis and the fact that a large number of citizens of BiH lives quite hard, savings are growing every year. Thus, in comparison to last year, citizens saved 950 million BAM more.

However, the total loan indebtedness of the population amounted to 8.25 billion BAM in April this year. According to the data of the Central Bank of BiH, that is almost 5 % more than in the same month of 2016. It is clear that savings of citizens largely exceeded their indebtedness, which is the result of the fact that besides the rich people, those with modest income save as well.

It was added that, when it comes to loan indebtedness, it is expected that it will be smaller, given that there are more credit-incapable citizens. However, last year, compared to 2015, savings per capita in BiH have increased by 190 BAM and loan indebtedness by a bit more than 80 BAM.

The latest Survey on Household Expenditure in BiH showed that, despite the decrease in consumption, the number of those who are saving is increased. Thus, in only 4 years, the number of households that have increased their monthly savings was increased by 28 %. A total of 14.2 % of households in 2011 and 18.2 % of households in 2015 were saving money, while the average amount of spending on a monthly basis in this period fell by more than 10 %. The consumption of food was reduced by 16 %, according to the survey conducted by the Agency for Statistics of BiH.

(Source: akta.ba)

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