Austrian Ambassador Visits Center Municipality

The Austrian Ambassador to BiH Donatus Kock visited the Center Municipality in Sarajevo yesterday. The co-chairman of the municipal assembly Nedžad Ajnadžić, along with his colleagues were the hosts.

The reason for this visit is the traditional joint commemoration of the anniversary of the Battle of Monte Meletti (northern Italy), one of the most famous victories of the Austro-Hungarian Army during WWII.

In that battle, which took place on 7 June 1916 and where the Italian Army was defeated, 208 Bosniaks of various religions were killed (members of the Second BiH Regiment of the Austro-Hungarian Army, or better known as the Bosnian Regiment).

The date is celebrated every year with a tribute to all the fallen soldiers, and from 2007 it is celebrated in Sarajevo in organization with the Society of BiH-Austrian Friendship.

Co-chair Ajnadžić, who is at the head of the organizing committee, spoke to the Austrian Ambassador about the program and preparations for this year’s “Manifestation of Peace and Remembrance of Meletta 2013”. It will be held from 5-8 June in Sarajevo and high-ranking officials from Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Slovenia will attend.

Ambassador Kock said that he is glad Sarajevo is the host for this year’s manifestation and expressed his personal gratitude and that of the Austrian Embassy to attend the event.

He also expressed his satisfaction that Sarajevo will be at the center of attention in 2014, when the 100th year of the assassination in Sarajevo and the 30th anniversary of the Winter Olympics will be marked.

The Austrian Ambassador spoke to his hosts about the results of the provincial elections that were held on 3 March 2013 in Styria and Lower Austria, and expressed his conviction in continuing good cooperation and the traditionally excellent relations between BiH and Austria.

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