KCUS responds after Thirteen Anestehiologists requested Termination of Contract

The management and the Crisis Staff of the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (KCUS) reacted to, as stated in the announcement, media untruths, and constructions regarding the request for termination of employment of 13 anesthesiologists.

“It is surprising that this sudden decision to submit requests for termination of employment was made after the management and the Crisis Staff started to solve the problems that were pointed out by the anesthesiologists in their letter. If the claim of their lawyer who said that the decision to leave KCUS was ‘made a long time ago, a month ago’ is correct, then it could be concluded that the internal letter that the anesthesiologists wrote at the time, which reached the public, was just a media preparation for this move, ” as stated from KCUS.

The statement said that after the lawyer’s claim that anesthesiologists “started coming to him” when the Prosecution launched an investigation, the question rightly arises whether the anesthesiologists were under pressure from prosecutors who examined them as witnesses.

“To recall, a group of KCUS doctors reported State Prosecutor Dzermin Pasic to the Disciplinary Prosecutor’s Office for inappropriate pressure on them, and that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office assessed that Prosecutor Pasic’s actions were an act that is ‘inadmissible, illegal, and beyond the prescribed powers of the Prosecutor’s Office.’ It is indicative that the public was not informed about the dismissals of the anesthesiologists by themselves, but by the Minister of Health of Canton Sarajevo (CS), Haris Vranic, and that this was followed by an obviously planned political-media action with well-known actors, that was seen many times, ” as pointed out by KCUS.

As they add, the unverified information and untruths are being made public, and at the same time, political moves are being made, such as scheduling an emergency session of the CS Government, publishing prepared party announcements and statements.

The KCUS emphasized that the goal of all this was not to take care of patients and their health, but the political showdown of the ruling coalition in the CS with the management and doctors of the KCUS.

“The public has long testified that KCUS, its management and doctors, like no other health institution in BiH, are under continuous political and media attacks, despite achieving convincingly best results. No health institution in BiH, even when it has bigger issues than KCUS, is in the focus of the public and under political-media attacks such as KCUS. The announcement that 13 anesthesiologists will get jobs at the General Hospital immediately indicates that this is a pre-prepared scenario under political influence, although it is clear to everyone that the mentioned health institution does not need to hire so many anesthesiologists, ” the statement said.

It was noted that the KCUS continues to work, despite the resignation of 13 doctors.


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