Austrian Businessmen to invest in Gorazde?


Business center in Gorazde become a gathering place for many businessmen, meetings and discussions in a short time since opening, in order to improve the development of Bosnian-Podrinje Canton (BPC).

In cooperation with the Office of Commercial Counselor of the Embassy of Austria and the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce, meetings of Austrian businessmen and businessmen from Gorazde were organized, during which were presented capacities of the economy of Gorazde. All of this was aimed to establish commercial and economic cooperation between Austria and BiH. The representatives of Austrian companies are visiting our country because of that and judging by reactions, there is an interest for investment in various economic sectors in the area of BPC.

“We see the greatest potential in the metal industry and in making plastic in Gorazde, but it can be said that Austria, as the biggest foreign investor in BiH, invested in various areas and many fields. Therefore it can be said that for Austrian economy each area is the area of interest. The objective of our company is to get familiar with the economic potentials of the region and to make some contacts. Our companies are coming from different areas, insurance, transport, IT technology, the automotive industry. We are currently having conversations with potential partners from Gorazde, and we hope that there will be some interesting and concrete projects,” said Sigmund Nemeti, commercial counselor at the Embassy of Austria to BiH.

There is definitely interest in investing in various areas in Gorazde.

“Direct contacts were established, for which there are already indications that they will be concrete. In this regard, we presented the economic potential, both those in operation and those that are unused, and for which there is interest and the justification for the investment. We expect that we will continue discussions on the issue of investment and the successful conclusion of these stories in the future ,” said Minister of economy of BPC, Meho Masala.

In particular, along with the existing cooperation in Gorazde, they tried to interest businessmen in other areas as well.

Representatives of Austrian companies visited facilities of Bekto Precise, which is an example of a successful BH company and the way that in BiH is possible to operate successfully.

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