Average Salary in May in BiH higher by Five Percent

Average monthly paid off net salaries in BH in May amounted to 926 BAM and was nominally higher by 5.1 percent compared to the same month last year, up 2.2 percentage points compared to December last year.

The lowest average net salary in May was in provision of accommodation, food preparation and serving of 568 BAM, construction amounted to 624 BAM, while average net salaries in administrative and auxiliary services amounted to 632 BAM, was stated by the Agency for Statistics BiH.

 In the financial and insurance activities, the average net wage in the fifth month amounted to 1,574 BAM, in the production and supply of electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning 1,464 BAM, while the average net salary in information and communications amounted to 1,345 BAM.

In BiH, the average monthly gross salary in May amounted to 1,430 BAM and was nominally higher by 4,3 percent in relation to the same month last year, and by 2,3 percent higher than in December 2018.

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