Bakery in Sarajevo shares Free Somuns to Those in Need

somun“We have free somuns (Bosnian flat bread) for citizens who have a less purchasing power,” is a rare sign in our country, but it can be seen on the bakery Nafaka in Sarajevo.

A large number of citizens of Sarajevo comes for this, the most famous traditional flat bread with fennel seed, without which the iftar dinner is unthinkable.

Within the joint project “Meal for everyone,” bakery Nafaka constantly shares free somuns, and they also send some to the Soup Kitchen, SOS Children’s Villages and the Institute for the blind and visually impaired persons in Nedzarici.

“According to some estimates, we share somuns to about 500 people every day during the month of Ramadan,” said Elvis Trtic, the owner of the bakery Nafaka, who also stated that they are trying to help vulnerable citizens throughout the whole year.

“This gesture was recognized by our loyal customers, and they are helping to a large extent by paying somuns for those who are in need,” said Trtic.

What is important for Elvis is that the basket for somuns for those in need in front of the bakery is constantly filled, and according to him, the most important thing is that it is never empty.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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