Band ’’Dubioza Kolektiv’’ is realising a new album

dubiozaOn 15 April, popular BiH band ‘Dubioza Kolektiv’ will release a new album called ‘Apsurdistan’.

The name of the album is almost generic term for dystopian state in which everything borders with absurdity. Our post-transitional society is very similar to Monty Python in which logics and common sense are nonexistent. Territory of Apsurdistan is very flexible and borders expand or contract proportionally to the amount of stupidity.

Coat of arms of Apsurdistan is situated at the cover of the album which has many different symbols of different ideologies.

Album has 10 new songs and they were all recorded in Sarajevo from September 2012 to February 2013.

AudioInFunktion, DJ and producer from Sarajevo made a remix for the song ’Kažu’, which is the first song from the album that was released.

The premiere of the album will be held on 15 April with the concert, and it will be shown on website of the band

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