Bands Zoster and Polaroid Trip in Dom Mladih on 10 May

Muzicka scena KaktusOn 10 May, yet another concert of the Music scene ‘Kaktus’ will be held in Dom Mladih.

This time bands Zoster and Polaroid Trip will perform, and the concert will start at 8.30 p.m., and it will cost 10 BAM, with 2 BAM drink included.

After the concerts of Basheskia & Edward EQ, Letu Štuke, Velahavle, Erogene Zone, KZU Ole Ole PZU Oje Oje, and younger bands, 9 more concerts will be held and famous BiH bands will perform with the help of young promising bands. Each concert will have at least one famous and one promising band, and DJs will entertain the audience before, during the breaks and after the concert.

After the 10 May concert, bands Sikter, Killing Jazz Hardcore Baby, Kontra DJS will perform by the end of the May.

Sponsor of the project Music scene Kaktus are Sarajevo Beer, Coca Cola, Jägermeister, Antena Sarajevo, and Sarajevo navigator.

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